Tuesday, December 08, 2009


These are my pieces finishing this coming Sunday.
Thought I'd best get in early (for me!!) with these pictures before I got sidetracked.
As usual the pictures really don't do these pieces justice ~ the first pendant is just gorgeous "for real" it's quite subtle, but very sparkly and the pink/purple disc shaped one has sooooooooo many layers of glass that the camera just can't capture.
Next on the agenda ~ catching up on emails, a heap of feedback to be left for for eBay and a ton of pictures to be edited. . . & SOMETIME in the near future I really need to get my online photo stuff organised too..
So much to do ~ so little time!! ACK!! ~ where does it go?? LOL!!

P.S. If you haven't done so already ~ please leave your name and preference in the little competition I am running ~ THERE ARE ONLY 2 MORE SLEEPS before one of these pendants moves on to it's new home :^)


jaslyncara said...

These are so lovely Lyn! I see you're using some new bails... different width's & textures, very nice, they look good!
Thank you for making these little bits of 'pure happiness' :)
(They always put a smile on my face)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for the tip about the competition, either pendant would be lovely to receive. I'm very excited to open my latest parcel from you and am very pleased to have found you and your beautiful pieces.