Saturday, October 03, 2009


Back again with some more pictures :^)

It would have been heaps earlier ~ I'd nearly finished and for some reason my lovely little computer decided it wanted to play games, shut down Windows on me and do some sort of memory dump. I have no idea of the what and why of it all ~ I've never had this happen before.
But at least we are still online ~ so that's a bonus :^)
It's the strangest day here ~ VERY hot for Spring ~ about 35C (95F) and EXTREMELY windy.
And I think the poor little ants must all be dying of thirst ~ there are at the moment hundreds of the prehistoric little monsters in my bathroom!! Hopefully they will leave the way they came in and then I can block up the tiny, tiny, little hole in the corner of the tiles!! I HATE ANTS!!!

Anyway back to the glass :^)
Most of these have engraving in some form, except the silvery blue and orange ones with the little golden bubbles.

I've just opened the kiln and there will be some pretty nice earrings coming in the next few days ~ they still have to have bails and hooks and then get their pictures taken.

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