Monday, October 05, 2009


Well, this week sees me off to a flying start :^)
Orders packed and ready to go, first kiln load for the week cut and ready to fire, a list of "to do" pieces (hopefully I will make serious inroads into it!!) for the week and lo and behold my auction pictures uploaded and not at the 11th hour either!! WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE!

I only have 6 pendants listed this week, but have also added a pair of little Fantasy Flower earrings to see how they go ~ I think they are waaay cute!! Hopefully others do to :^)

And this engraved disc is now up there with my shortlist of all time favourites ~ I LOVE the colours (surprise, surprise!!) and am really pleased with how it all came together...

OK ~ off to hit the shower and "into it"!!!

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