Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Amazing!! Two weeks in a row I've managed to get these pictures up by Tuesday :^)
What is the world coming to??? LOL.
It's just before 7.00 am, one cup of coffee down and second one is in the works.
The kiln is on, "he who must be obeyed" has toodled off to work, I've (hopefully) sorted out a few things I have on order and I will shortly start cutting some more glass...Life is pretty sweet!!

These are the pieces finishing next Sunday on eBay ~ I seriously love engraving on glass!!
I think my "mosaic mandala" (so named on eBay) is one of my top two favourite pieces to date!! It looks really simple, but it was pretty tricky getting all the glass to play nicely and sit nice and snug before it went in the kiln....and then it did take a fair while to actually engrave it too.

A bit of trivia for you ~ I was reading something the other day and technically what I do is more like a technique called sgraffitto. Cutting through one colour to expose the base colour ~ it was my favourite technique when I was doing ceramics and it is still my favourite albeit on glass not clay :^)
OK ~ enough waffling on for now ~ off to grab that second coffee....

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