Saturday, April 18, 2009


A VERY strange week!
The kiln gremlins were out in force :^( more about that a bit later..
I've not been 100% and then this morning we heard that a very close friend had passed away last night.
I very nearly pulled the pin on it all ~ but I have managed to get some pics done and some pieces listed for auction ~ I'll post those a bit later. We have visitors at the moment, so best go and pretend to be sociable...LOL...
My buy it now pieces may or may not get to eBay today ~ I haven't actually finished editing photos either. If I don't manage to get them listed today it probably will be Monday.
The first pendant is using what is called interference colour that has been screen printed in a snowflake design. It doesn't photograph very well, but it is really nice.
Some more engraving ~ I'm pretty happy with those :^)

These are a couple of "strange" ones ~ the one on the left I was playing with hand pulled "twisties" ~ that's the green you can see. Not too sure about it though....
And the flower on the right has some grey areas on the black, so it won't be going to eBay. If anyone is interested in either, email me ~ VERY good prices!!! :^)

And lastly what was going to be a REALLY gorgeous pendant ~ reminds me of coconut ice.
The lab grown pink sapphires have been set too deep and too close together ~ the crack is a doozy!! BUMMER!!! I will redo this design ~ WITH a few modifications!!!

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