Sunday, April 12, 2009


DOH!!! I forgot to upload these last night ~ I was so tired I wasn't thinking straight!!
As well as the first two pictures that I listed yesterday, these are more other auction pieces.
Some of you may remember "Gary's" black and white pendant that he did to show me how it was done~ this week I decided to revisit with the idea, 'cept mine is square. He still says I am copying him!!! LOL. TOO BAD, SO SAD!!!
The blue circle is not the greatest picture in the world ~ it IS a REALLY nice pendant, a lot more sparkly than you can see.
The middle one on the left is a honkin' big mama, but soooooooo rich in colour :^)
And the bottom left is absolutely gorgeous, even if it did result in severely burnt fingertips!! LOL.
All in all, this is one of those weeks where I would happily keep what I have made all for myself!!!

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Anonymous said...

He should have taken out a copyright!!! How funny!!!