Saturday, March 21, 2009


...I have edited what photos I was able to before the light ran out.
That is the one drawback about living Queensland ~ it gets dark waaaaaaay too early!!

First of all some more of my "flower power" pendants ~ not wired up yet ~ I had to wait for the Swarovkis to arrive ~ I have truckloads in the smaller sizes, just not 8mm ones.
Anyway, they will be done with sterling silver wire, then they may very well have a new home to go to ~ NOT eBay this time!! More about that later if it looks like it's going to happen :^)

The little guys that follow are heading over to eBay as "buy~it-now" pieces in my store.
I anticipate they will be there in about 2 hours time :^)
Unless of course there is something that grabs your fancy!!! Just give us a yell!!! LOL...

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