Saturday, March 21, 2009


No, these are not mine, "I WISH"!!!!
If I was going top make lampworked beads these stunning critters are what I would aspire to.
I'll just have to stick with buying them myself!!
I have a great friend ~ Remy from Studio Heath ~ who not only writes the most awesome wire wrapping jewellery tutorials but is now doing these absolute stunners!!!
Such a talented little possum!!!
If you are of a mind to check 'em out ~ some of these are on her blog and some are listed on eBay for auction. JUST GAWJUS!!!!
I'm stocking up before the secret is out!!!!

And if you want to know the story behind this picture, scroll down a little bit while you're over there ~ it's classic!!!!!
Just goes to show, necessity IS the mother of invention!!!!

p.s. All going well, I should have some pictures of this week's dichro in a few hours ~ still have to do my photos.....

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