Thursday, December 14, 2006

Week 12

This week sees me WAAAAY off theme again, but continuing on from what I started last week.
This is a commissioned bridal set I was asked to do.
Using the pendant from last week, and adding lots of freshwater pearls, crystals and some more Murano glass, I have fashioned this necklace, bracelet and a pair of simple earrings.
There is over 18 metres of silver wire here ( that's nearly 60 feet!) - that's a heap of wire!!

Also this week - I was having a fiddle with a couple of others things as well.
Eni's pendant, when only 2 wires will fit thru the hole - quite happy with how this worked, even if it is only an imported foil bead.

And practicing the old macrame skills on an absolutely gorgeous boro pendant bead a friend bought at the markets at Byron Bay.

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