Friday, December 08, 2006

Week 11

Well, this week - 1)..I'm late & 2)..I'm nowhere near the theme.
This strange looking critter is going to be the centrepiece of a necklace I am currently doing as part of a wedding set.
The pendant is really, truly Murano glass from Italy and looks way nicer IRL and will be combined with more of the same (round, square, heart-shaped), lots of baby blue freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals in 2 blues and crystal AB and a ton of silver wire!
The inspiration for this wrap came from Cammy ages ago (Excalibur?), even though this is only a single wire spiral and hers was double. It was the only logical way I could think to support this shaped piece.
I also made another really cool piece this week (well, I think it is!!), but I can't share that one yet 'coz it's my secret santa

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