Saturday, October 28, 2006


Well, late again *hangs head in shame*
I really tried to be on time - honest!! Life just has a funny way of conspiring against you sometimes.
I feel pretty good about this necklace though - most of it is bits and pieces I had laying around from long abandonded projects.
The vee shaped centre piece is eight strands of wire done in a kumihimo braid, than hammered into submission. I fused all 8 strands together at each end, hammered them really flat and drilled holes in 'em.
Hanging in the centre is a rectangle of really dark carnelian, with a dangly bit wrapped with 1/2 round sterling. Each end of the braid is also wrapped with the same wire.
I have added a danish knot each side., then a simple chain using alternating rectangular sterling and round copper jump rings. It all ends with a hand made "s" hook.

close up of braided vee section.

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Sherry said...

Absolutely Gorgeous, m'dear! Verra Nice Work!