Saturday, October 21, 2006


Sort of, but not really - that's just about sums it
This is my piece - belatedly for this week.
I have used the most gorgeous (IRL) hand-lampworked glass lentils by Aussie bead artist Michelle Blackmore and a few cylindrical garnets just to finish off the bottom of the centre front section. Everything else is sterling silver.
This is my first go with this style of chain, and if anyone can tell me what it is called I would really appreciate it. Although it may be a bit difficult to see. This is another one of my really awful photos and as soon as I can manage to take a decent one I will swap them over.
This was quite an easy chain to do, once I'd figured out where I was going with it.
I have also included a picture of the set of beads that I bought so you might get a better idea of how really pretty they are.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Thanks Lyn :)
You make absolutely gorgeous jewellery and I just LOVE what you've down with the beads I made!!!
Take care