Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Summer here - sad to say - is all about bushfires (plus lots of great things too) & for some reason that's what this week's theme brought to mind.
Where I grew there was a lot of bushland around us & as a child I remember only too well the bushfires coming right up to our back-fence, and now even though I live in a very developed area, the evidence that not a lot has changed is all around us. If you just go for a drive, anywhere there is bushland - there are all the charred trees as a reminder, plus on the news at night in summertime there are always horriffic tales of fires & the devastation they cause. This is a way of life here and sometimes it's nature, but sadly sometimes it's the sheer stupidity of human-kind. You never really get used to it!!
Anyway , enough of that - this is my offering for this week.
72 headpins later (I didn't have any - so had to make them), plus a fair whack of wire - it's not quite like the picture in my head - and I may end up pulling it to bits yet - this is my necklace for week 44.
The front section is on 16g. wire, the side bits are just a simple 3 strand braid and the back is finished with an elongated cable chain. Oh yeah - it's all just glass beads as well.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody beautiful. Love no 45