Friday, July 21, 2006


This week's them is mixed metals. YEAH Remy!! (it was her choice)
I love copper and silver together - so that's the road I have taken. Not a gemstone or glass bead in sight!!
This is a sort of prototype piece for something I may make for a competition later this year - not too sure yet...
For the centre section, I started with 12g. copper wire, which I bent and tortured into shape, I then bashed the bejeebers out of it with my trusty old hammer. The copper wrapping is all 24g. The silver wire that i used to spiral and weave through is 18g. round wire. The tiny bit that I have used to bind the 2 spirals and on the dangly bit is also 18g. but is 1/2 round. For the chain I have used soldered 20g. silver jump rings that I made into an oval shape with my pliers and copper ones made from 18g. There is a smallish hand-made "s" hook doing it up at the back. There are a few dings I'm not totally happy with - so I may tumble it a while longer to see what happens.
This is a very similar design to a bangle I made for myself a while ago & I am extremely happy with how this turned out and I think it just might be a keeper.

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Anonymous said...

hi, jenny here, i love this combination!