Thursday, April 13, 2006


This week I recieved 2 new books from Amazon :- Bead & Wire art jewelry & Contemporary Bead & Wire Jewelry. After a bit of discussion on the forum, I am inclined to disagree with the general opinion that both of these books would be good for someone just starting out. Bead & Wire has ommissions in the instructions and is a bit obscure in places! If you didn't have a fairly good working knowledge of what you were about - you'd be stuffed! It's got some great design ideas though......
On the other hand Contemporay Bead & Wire is a gem! It is very easy to follow and all the artists featured definately know what they're about - I love this book!
That being said, this idea came from the Bead & Wire jewelry book. I've used copper for this one - 'coz it was all I had to play around with. I have made this in a much heavier gauge than recommended, but I am more than happy with how it turned out - it was a fun piece to make. I will definately be "playing" with more of the same in the near future. I think I'd even like this without the beads!

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