Sunday, January 29, 2006


The piece for this week's theme was decided on weeks ago. Which is just as well 'cause at the moment my muse has gone on holidays!!
When I saw the list I just knew I had to do something that was just a little bit of fun.
So, this is my take on 'something french'.
What could be more french than the eiffel tower?
(actually the arc de triomphe would look pretty dumb as earrings) - so this is them!
They are about 3" long from the bottom of the hook & are as light as a feather.
I made the frame from 18 g wire & gave it a good hiding with the hammer :o). Using 26g, I wired on the 2mm sterling beads & red, white (clear AB - but let's not get technical) and blue swaros for the colours of the French flag. The blue ones are actually bluer in real life - don't know what happened here! The camera gremlins are at it again. lol.

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