Sunday, January 29, 2006


Well, this week is WAY LATE.
I actually had this piece finished on time, but it looked awful not oxidized. I don't have any LOS, so it's down to the hard-boiled egg thingy. And wouldn't you know it - first time ever - it wouldn't work. 24 hours later and nothing! So, 2 eggs later it finally happened.
The first picture is pinned up quite a ways so I could get the centre bit in the photo, it actually hangs about 2" longer than it appears here. You can get a better idea of it's length from the bottom picture.
Anyway, what I have used here are some big coral beads, 6mm black onyx & cracked quartz, 2 cracked quartz nugget beads & 20 + 16 g wire. The twisted jump rings are bought ones.
The red and black always remind me of things oriental and I suppose i would have achieved more that look had I used gold-filled wire instead.
All things considered - I'm quite happy with how this turned out.
I just discovered how fuzzy the bottom photo is - sorry
about that!

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