Monday, July 01, 2013


It's seems like just about forever that I've visited my blog, let alone posted anything. 
Life throws some strange stuff at you sometimes and it just seems to overtake everything else.
I will do my best to put in an appearance on a bit more of a regular basis and get some semblance of routine back into my life  :)

We have departed the Gold Coast and are now in Mackay and here is the new place of residence.  Gary has named the house Humphrey ~ it's a funny old house is Humphrey!   Those of you in the land of Oz will 'get' the silliness of the name :)
We also have a resident possum who has been named Harold and he lives in the huge mango tree you can sort of see on the RHS of the picture.  I'm sure he wears army boots and is very proficient at tap dancing ~ usually about 2.00am most mornings!!  Scared the living daylights out of me the first time I heard him.  Funny what you get used to though.  Now Gary hears and sees him but I sleep through it most mornings.

 I'm still trying to get things unpacked ~ nearly there. Most of the important stuff is done. My workspace is pretty well good to go.  For a change I now know where everything is, my glass is sorted into the different types I use and my desk isn't covered in junk (yet).

This is looking into the dining room from the front balcony.  Nearly all the doors in the house are these double french doors which I think are a bit gorgeous, although these are the only ones that aren't painted white ~ rather peculiar  :)

The road to Mackay and our new place of residence has definitely been a rocky one!!
The actual move went really well ~ thank goodness my youngest sister came up from Melbourne and helped me to pack sooooooooooo much stuff and then her and I drove up here together ~ a 2 day trip I am REALLY glad I didn't have to do by myself.  It was actually fun.  We stopped at Miriam Vale overnight, found a great old country pub for dinner, spent the night at a nice clean little motel and then arrived into Mackay 2nd May mid afternoon.  HOT???  You have no idea!! LOL. Thank goodness for air conditioning. I only hope I survive summer here without turning into too big a puddle...
The month of May was spent mostly without any internet connection at all and in the end not even a phone line.  I had heaps to unpack and sort out so all was not really lost.  I was getting very cranky by the time the internet was finally back up and running and actually staying on for longer than 15 minutes at a time.  So here's me thinking I'm good to go and 2 days later the stupid computer totally carked it.  Most of my files and photos were able to be saved but all my bookmarks, passwords, email addresses and the day to day important stuff ....pfffft...gone to who knows where.
So then we move into June and I'm thinking life can get back on track and a semblance of normality (whatever that can resume.  Well NO that's just not going to happen is it??  The last four weeks have been spent dealing with some very heavy personal issues and just surviving on a day to day basis. I'm OK :)  Lots of big ((hugs)) and many many thanks to those that have helped me with what's happening.  I appreciate it more than you can ever know  XXXXXX
So now it is the first of July here and all I can say is BRING IT ON!!  This week I will be working on getting my store back up and running ~ probably have a big destash while I'm at it!!  Out with the old to make way for the new, when there IS some new work to be listed  :)   My muse has run away on me ~ hopefully just temporarily, and I desperately want to get back to my glass or beading or both, so if anyone knows where she got to could they please send her back????



Paloma Mexican Haute Cuisine said...

Welcome back, Lyn! You've been missed and so has your gorgeous work. Hope things begin to settle down soon. Remember - moving sucks, but having moved can be wonderful!

lyn said...

Thanks heaps Barb :) Yes it certainly does and definitely!!!

NEDbeads said...

I'm so sorry things have been so rough. It has been here, too - and so I sympathize so much. Moving can be so confusing and you can be left feeling sort of homeless until the new place actually feels like 'home' - I hope you've achieved that!! I missed you tons while you were offline, and I am sorry if I haven't commented more since you've been back, but I've been hip deep in drs visits, phone calls, etc with my Dad's illness, and wrestling with my own muse - who is probably out partying somewhere with yours... Sending you tons of love, and I hope things are improving all the time.

lyn said...

Thank you so much Nancy XXOXX
May July be a fantastic month for all of us ~ and things can just keep getting better & better.
I hope they are partying hard and having the time of their lives and maybe they will both come back with some really great ideas ~ that would be pretty cool :)

Caron Michelle said...

... and more big hugs lovely friend. I love Humphrey - uniquely oz in many ways.

happiness said...

hi Lyn, thanks for sharing all of your journey with us. Nice to see your new house Humphrey :) Hope this half of the year turns out better for you. Chin up <3

Angie Simonsen said...

Your new place looks great - and who knew you'd have your own welcoming committee in the form of a possum! Ours was a woodpecker that went at the metal vents on the roof like there was the biggest prize in there! Scared the living hell out of me and the kids!
Hopefully things are calming down and some sort of routine can be found - there is comfort in that! Big love from Nebraska!!!

lyn said...

Thank you very very much my friends :)
It is a very typical old Qld house ~ just like I'd always imagined living in!! Except for the draughts from the gaps in the floor Could be good in summer though!!
ACK on the woodpecker and the racket ~ I'll have a cute furry possum any day, boots and all :)

Suzi Campbell Creations said...

hey Lyn...good to see you posting again...and that Queenslander is just gorgeous!!..swoon!!
Ohh....and I so *ditto* having friends who have been there with support....hugs to you my friend - I say the same as well.. ;)

lyn said...

Thanks heaps Suzi!! And (hugs) right back at ya :)

Cuzz said...

Hi Lyn,
What a great place! And a pet to welcome you too! Hope everything is back on track and that everything good is destined for you from now on.

lyn said...

Thank you Kerryn!! Sorry I just saw this post now. It's all happening ~ I actually made some pretties this week ~ YAY!!! :)

Maryanne said...

Good to see you on Lyn :) ... Your house is lovely and I'm insanely jealous of your workspace .. And humphrey (I love queenslanders). As for the personal stuff, well you're coping better than I would be .. you know I'm just across the river and I'm here if you need anything oxox

lyn said...

Thank you Maryanne :) I'm pretty happy with the space too!!
Humphrey is funny and cute ~ we are really happy here.