Saturday, August 25, 2012


Oops, I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my bad.

I've still been doing heaps of glass but mostly just cabs and orders. If you are interested there are quite a few albums on my silvermoonlyn page on FB.  You don't have to be a member of Facebook to see these, they are set up for public viewing.

I thought I'd share with you more pictures of what I've been doing after dinner most nights.
I'm very pleased with my progress so far.  Funny thing though if someone had said to me 3 months ago that I'd be beading with tiny little beads I would have just about peed myself laughing at their silliness!!!  Ah well, never say never!!! LOL.

The first picture is a bracelet that I really liked the look of ~ it fits (just) but there are issues with the tension ~ a bit loose and a bit too floppy.  The second picture, I was playing with pattern and did manage to get my tension right.  Only one problem ~ it's too small for my hand. lol.

Back to the drawing board and playing now with slightly different and larger beads. First one, way too loose with the stitching, but size is pretty good. The second ~ I finally cracked it!! Tension is spot on and it fits!!  Bonus  :^)  I think I might play around with a few different colourways and patterns.  Maybe someone else will like them as much as I do (??)

This next bracelet is from a tutorial by BettyStephanBeadwork on Etsy.  Lots and lots beads but I really love how it worked out. It's marginally different to the pattern, but I just had to go with what I had here.  It feels divine on :^)
The teal blue one is an adaptation of the base of a rope pattern by Nancy at NEDbeads also on Etsy. There are a kazillion (seems like) 4mm Swarovski crystals in this baby. For those that know what I'm talking about when I say I had HUGE trouble learning right angle weave, this actually got me past it.  The shape of the crystals (suggested by my friend Jo) really helped and it finally just 'clicked'.  Now I just have to get my head around doing cubic RAW!!! LOL.

This pendant is from a kit by the very clever Leayn at Anthelion Jewelry  
It's really beautiful in real life and was heaps of fun to make.
I made a simple necklace for it to hang from.

Another  necklace that just started out with me practising  to do a simple beaded bezel around one of my very small cabs.  I got a little bit carried away.
I also learnt that fringing might look easy ~ but what a pain in the bum it is!! It's very fiddly.
Nonetheless, I'm happy with what I did and it's now living in the U.S. 

This was my very first attempt at a beaded bezel. It worked out pretty well eventually ~ I ripped out all those tiny little beads on the back and redid them. So then I tried to add a bail. It looked a bit clunky so I ripped it out and did one a little bit narrower.  I think I like the new one better.  Added a beaded spiral necklace and it was good to go.  And I'm very happy to say it is also residing overseas  :^)

I do have a couple of other beading projects on the go, but they are miles away from being finished.  I will probably bore you senseless when they are done!!  ha ha ha.

I have a few (glass) pieces that are just waiting on bails, hopefully I can get them done this week sometime and post some pictures.

Now I'm off to play with beads again.

HAVE FUN!!  And have a great weekend!!


Michelle said...

Hi, please can you tell me what you used as crystals on the purple triangle pendant. It is gorgeous!

lyn said...

Hi Michelle and thank you.
I'm not sure exactly which pendant you mean. The one I beaded (Jan 5 2013) ~ the crystals are from Lima beads. The only other one I can think you might mean is from March and that is all dichroic glass.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a pendant I saw on Pininterest, Lynettes Album Archive of dichoric glass, ladies purple face with purple and blue wavy hair.

So me. Looks like older post. HELP!

Anonymous said...

Me again - I saw the whole pendant listed for ebay 2008 - ladies face I described with earring drop. I am in agony - can you make another? I just started fusing glass and a lot of my stuff has this same flair - but with no experience yet with dichoric!

lyn said...

At the moment I am unable to make another Sue. Sorry. I have replied to your post on my FB page :)