Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yes I know hopeless!! lol. I seriously don't know where the time disappears to these days!!  I'm thinking it would be nice to be a little kid again when it seemed like at least 2 years between each Christmas and everything just seemed to go a lot slower than it does now.  It seems to me you blink and it's 3 days later..*sigh*
I've not been well again, so that's my excuse ~ it'll have to do.  Stupid neuralgia, then I snapped one of my veneers on a tooth so that was a trip to the dentist and much pain ~ purse and mouth!!  And then lo and behold the neuralgia comes back. gggrrrrrrrr.  It really does make for not feeling like doing too much. So I'm sending it out to the ether ~ please may I have a good run with no dramas and everything going along beautifully????  The rest of the year would be nice  :^)

I was also waiting on new glass to arrive and that kind of threw a spanner in the works for a bit.
Soooooooo while I waiting I decided to have a bit of a play with just plain black art glass and 22kt gold decals.  Some of the resulting pieces are a bit further down in this post. I quite like them ~ even with no dichro anywhere in sight.  If you click on the first of those pictures it will take you to the album on Facebook.  There you will find a few other pictures as well as the dimensions and prices.   I made a few new engraved pendants and got some more listings up on Artfire too.

Two of the twelve new listings on Artfire. I really love these heart shaped wreaths  :^)

Not too sure why some of these pictures look fuzzy ~ these are some of my black and 22kt gold pieces.

And lastly a couple of engraved cabs that are just waiting for bails.

That's it from me for now ~ have a great weekend all!!

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