Sunday, January 22, 2012


This week sees me continuing on with some more of the dimensional dichroic glass pendants.
These are really heaps of fun to make and an added bonus is they look fantastic in real life!!
My only complaint would be that colours don't show up anywhere near as intense in photos.
These are incredibly vibrant!! And the foil backed Swarovski hearts just work brilliantly with the glass too. (IMO)

I also completed a few sets this week with the glass that looks like fireworks or sunbursts ~ you can decide that one!! This is just such gorgeous glass to work with ~ it looks great in combination with other dichro, but also stands alone beautifully, either capped with clear or left a la naturale like I have here. Two sets are wrapped with antiqued bronze and one set is antiqued brass.

A couple of stray pieces.
The pendant (which I really like) is actually a very subtly patterned silver ~ it is not air bubbles trapped between the layers.
And the earrings were meant to match another pendant but silly me picked up the wrong coloured triangles. No matter, I may just keep these ones for me ~ or maybe do some more in different colour combo to list in my store (??)

The last four pairs of earrings here are all custom ordered to match existing pendants.

Now I'm off for a bit of a nap ~ hope you have all had/are having a great weekend!!!

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