Monday, January 30, 2012


This last week saw me playing around with some things I've done in the past and trying out some new things as well. Fun and frustration all rolled into one!!

My etching on glass using stencils and chemicals went pretty well. These first two pendants are a couple of the pieces that got finished. I had a bit of a play with a slightly different shape bail as well. I quite like this shape. These are antiqued bronze.
Unfortunately my etching on copper didn't fare so well. It's a pretty scary thing to do ~ you have to mix acid with peroxide and then suspend the copper in the solution. I think the peroxide was contaminated ~ all sorts of things went wrong and it was a total bust. I'm not ready to give up on it quite yet though ~ I will have to get some more chemicals and start over!!

These next two pendants were a couple that I did in a similar dimensional style to the wreath pendants ~ these ones have a loop embedded into the glass at the time of firing and then finished off with more antiqued brass wire.

Another of the "went awry" things this week was me making headpins for a project I have ~ they all ended up too short! So now I have a wonderful supply of sterling and bronze ones for future projects!! Quite a few of them made their way here to this pendant. This is wired up with Argentium sterling and the most gorgeous metallic purple faceted rondelle beads. There are Swarovski crystal beads in there for good measure too :^) I LOVE these new beads and more colours to come in future projects!!

Tomorrow will see me giving the torch a belting and making heaps more head pins ~ hopefully it won't be too overcast and if I can, I'll document in pictures how I go about it. I have a pretty nifty little system I work to and maybe it might work for some of my fellow jewellery making friends.

And finally before I cart myself off to the land of Nod ~ three pairs of dimensional earrings that are bound for a shop where I have some of my pendants for sale. Fingers crossed they are received well ~ they're fun to do...

And now I shall do the disappearing act ~ I've been up since 3.30am and I'm just about totally knackered!! Good night!!

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