Sunday, September 25, 2011


Twelve new pendants from me this week ~ I would have loved it have been more but my wrists have decided otherwise! Hopefully the glucosamine and fish oil will do it's job and things can get back to whatever normal is!! LOL.
Two smallish (30mm) variations on my bubble flowers. The shaded dichroic glass in the first one is gorgeous with just a hint of green. The emerald in the second one is a bit deeper than the picture here shows ~ it's a really rich colour!!

Playing around with different heart sizes and shapes too this week.
The first one has a hammered silver bail which has yet to be softened down with a bit of antiquing.
The bright pink and purple one is a custom order.
I haven't done any of my Spicks & Specks ones for a while and had a request for one, so decided to do a couple, the bigger one with the sterling bail and a smaller one with a plated bail.

These next two are my wreath pendants but playing around with coloured bases instead of the white.

This next one is quite a bit smaller than usual and ALL white and sparkly glass ~ no colours at all.
And my final piece here which is actually a bit big for a pendant (even for me!!) was an experiment to see how many little bubbles I could pile on a background to sort of look like a Christmas wreath a friend had made. It would look a lot more like it if I had used bubbles with a black background, but this was just what I had on hand at the time. I think I will fuse some more and go again if I get the chance.

All going well I'll have some nice new pieces to share next week, but it will also be on Sunday.
I'm having most of Saturday off!! The AFL footy grand final is on and my team is playing ~ I'm hoping it will be party mode and celebrating!!!
Have a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh My,Lyn, you are so cruel, no more money for spending until Friday and you tempt me with these beautiful, Pendants. They are so gorgeous. I love them all but specially the first two. Actually do you take Visa I can't remember, I'll have to have a look, regards from 'another head vs heart' stressed Marion :oD Downie.

lynette said...

Sorry Marion. I don't mean to be mean :^)
I don't take Visa but I would be happy to hold them for you if you would like me too. I'll send you a FB message.