Sunday, August 28, 2011


These are the pictures that didn't quite get finished yesterday ~ some more pendants and a couple of pairs of earrings for orders.
All the pendants have wired bails ~ sterling silver, antiqued bronze or antiqued brass. These are heaps of fun to do, although my wrists are paying the price for being out of practice..I suppose that's what happens when you get "older"
These first two are sterling ~ the second one has an an antique patina added.

This gorgeous variegated amber glass has an antiqued bronze bail.
The heart is a custom ordered "M".

Antique brass looks really nice with the colours in this next heart.
The gorgeous terra cotta heart has matching earrings ~ pics are just not done yet.

This set I absolutely love!! Definitely not for the shy and retiring, it's quite large. The vivid pink shifts to gold when you look at it side on ~ it is a stunning colour!

And finally two pairs of earrings that were ordered to match existing pendants.

And that's it for me this weekend ~ hope you've all had/are having a good one!!
I'm off to watch TV :^)


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

These are stunning Lyn, especially the terracotta heart :D

lynette said...

Thank you Cinnamon Jewellery :^) It's a favourite of mine too!!