Saturday, July 02, 2011


Here are some of the pendants that I made this week.
There are some more silk'n'satin ones. Two of these have the beautiful brilliant red glossy glass in them.

This set is using the crinklized dichroic glass as well.

I love this simple little swirly design with the tiny touch of lime in the baby bubble.
The pendant with the multi coloured bubbles is very vibrant for real!

This week also saw me having some fun with different types of wire.
The first pendant is antiqued copper. The necklace is antiqued bronze with black onyx and clear quartz crystal.

The heart is using antiqued brass and the fat teardrop is square sterling silver.

These are custom ordered earrings.

And this very last set is also (possibly) a custom order.

I made a heap of cabochons as well this week ~ lots of littlies!! I'll post those pictures tomorrow ~ for now I'm off to get warm by the heater, it's pretty cold up here!!

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