Saturday, June 18, 2011


A pretty slow start to this week, but in the end I am extremely happy with what did come out of the kiln!
Some engraved pieces ~ including a few previous designs revisited.
This first one is pretty big (39mm x 39mm) and fairly simple, but I really love it!!

Two more hearts waiting to be wired up ~ that's a job for a quiet Sunday afternoon :^)

These next pieces are all the result of at least 5 layers of glass and as many trips to the kiln.
It is highly unlikely they can be recreated because of the way they were made, but I will be playing lots more with layers like these ~ they are absolutely magikal in real life and a lot of fun to do!!

The last two in this group have had channels cut around them so they're good to go to be wired up as is or they could have a beaded or metal bezel added.

That's it for me tonight ~ it's waaaaaaay past the time I normally go to bed and I'm pretty sure I just heard my pillow calling my name!!
Good night :^)


Annalie said...

Your cabs leave me speechless.....I can't find the words to describe how much I love them. I just have to save to buy one. Watch this space......

lynette said...

Thank you Annalie :^)