Saturday, June 11, 2011


A few new pendants, a preview of pieces to come and playing with metal ~ that has pretty much been my week.
And hasn't it been cold??? BBBRRRRR.....can't love winter!!

Four new Bouquet pendants...

This next one is all art glass, a little bit different ~ I really like how this one worked out :^)

These pieces of glass are actually quite large, the second one here is over 10cm across. In the near future the glass saw will be put to good use I think! It probably won't be for a while though as I have orders I need to get finished first.

And this was my foray back into playing with metal and a hammer. Copper and sterling silver with a heart of dichro. I'd forgotten how much fun it is!! Hopefully more will follow.

Now I'm off to have my dinner and then I have pendants to wire up. If we have a bit of sun tomorrow (and they get finished!) I will post more pictures then.

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