Saturday, May 21, 2011


Just a few new pieces from me this week.
I seem to be in slow motion of late and I really do need to find second gear!!

I had a request for a little bubble flowers set this week, so thought I would do a few others at the same time.
The pendants in the first three sets are approx. 30mm square. Earrings are the same length.
The following three are 25mm square, one set has rectangular earrings (25mm long), the other little square ones are about 12mm.

This first pendant is a custom order for M.R., the others are available for sale at the moment.
I really like the darker star ones with the pink CZ's (35mm across)

Three slightly smaller (31mm) ones with sparkly bubble centres.
and lastly a pair of earrings to match a pendant for T.M.

I had big plans for what I wanted to get done, but the lovely person that shares this abode brought home a cold with him from work. He's fine.... GGGRRRRR!! I'm doing my best to shake it off!!
Hopefully a peaceful day tomorrow to get a few pendants listed in my ArtFire studio :^)
Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and doing fun stuff!!

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