Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These are the four pendants that were listed to start at auction on eBay on Sunday morning.

This first little baby is a personal favourite. I think I said in the listing there were five different types of glass used in this piece ~ there are actually six! Four times through the kiln and presented with a sterling silver bail and chain. I really love the soft, but not wussy colours in this pendant.
The triangular one kind of "just" evolved. It started out life going to be something totally different, but when I started engraving, my muse had a mind of her own and far be it from me to argue!! LOL. I really like how this one has worked, so very happy I did what I was told!

Next in line is one of my engraved rainbow/chakra pendants ~ a very simple design, but great colours that will go with so many things :^)
And finally, this is my most favourite for this week. Black and white always looks quite stylish and this gorgeous red with the BIG cubic zirconia and a simple engraved blossom really makes this pendant "pop".

That's it from me at the moment :^)
I have a huge week planned ~ two competition pieces I'd like to finish by Friday, a wedding card to make, some pendants to wire up, a tutorial for a bail I want to write and some orders I also need to finish. If I manage half of these things I'll be a happy camper!!
Have a great week!!


Cathy Heery said...

Look I can comment!! Very beautiful Lyn!! I especially love the first one!

lynette said...

Thanks Cathy :^)