Friday, February 18, 2011


The four pendants pictured here are currently up for auction on eBay

The first one is a reinvention of a previous design. The contrast between the hand engraved dichroic flower and the black background looks great in real life!
This next one is an absolutely gorgeous combination of four different glasses. This is so pretty and very summery.

The next two pendants have sterling silver bails, the first one hand made by yours truly and the second one a commercially bought one.
Hand engraving, satin and glossy dichroic glass and hand made murrine make up the Abstract Window .
The Pick Up Stix pendant is a multi coloured one using a combination of satin and super sparkly glass.

The kiln is off and now I'm off to bed :^)
I'll be back tomorrow afternoon sometime with some more pictures ~ good night :^)

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