Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm getting in early with this post while I have a little bit of quiet time.
I have heaps on the go this week and am just about to attempt the big tidy up in prep for house guests :^)
These are the four pieces started at auction this morning on eBay. They run for seven days.

I'm aiming to list a cross section of styles each week ~ if there is anything you would like to see ~ just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

I have two engraved ones this week ~ the Rainbow, guaranteed to go with just about anything and my Gothic inspired Tree of Life ~ the cz's in this one give it heaps of pizazz!! I really love how it worked out :^)
And then there is a multi layered white folk art style heart ~ alive with lots of flashes of colour.
My final of the four is a very soft aqua and white with touches of lime. This is a gorgeous piece of glass ~ I just love how these come out of the kiln so very different each and every time.

Off to play household Goddess...Blech!!
Have a great week!! cheers ~ Lyn.

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