Saturday, January 22, 2011


A VERY belated Happy 2011!!
I can't believe it is over a month since I last posted any pictures to my blog!
I think this would have to be the longest break I've had since I first started making jewellery.

As most of you would know it's been a bit on the wet side ~ the floods here in Queensland and down south have been absolutely devastating. People have lost their lives, so many homes and businesses lost or severely damaged.
It is truly awe inspiring the way the people of this country are rallying around those that are in need!! And will be for quite some time to come!!
Fortunately for us, although we have had a LOT of rain, the Gold Coast was not greatly affected.
The little toadstools that appeared in one of my pot plants were the only things loving the constant rain and high humidity!

I haven't done a great deal of glass work over the last few weeks, just a couple of ordered pieces and some cabochons.
I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into it and having some fun!!

Two pendants with matching earrings for an order.
I'm really loving this glass!!

And some of the new cabochons to go to ArtFire, when I get the rest of the photos done.


Anonymous said...

Missed you; glad you're back and surviving the weather!
-Jenni in San Diego

lynette said...

Thanks Jenni, happy to be back albeit still in slow motion :^)