Saturday, December 18, 2010

More custom pieces & others...

Some more earrings to match existing pendants...These ones are both approx. 18mm squares set on point.

And a choice between two pairs. The first ones are quite small ~ 14.5mm squares on point, it was all of the matching glass I had left.
The red ones are 17.5mm squares also set on point.

These next two pendants are orders also.

This first one here, is wired up with Argentium sterling silver. I have a bigger one also waiting in the wings that will be for me I think :^)
The next set was an order I did a little while ago and not collected.

The next 6 pendants have either been wired with sterling silver or have sterling silver glue on bails.

The first three here are the gorgeous new Wissmach glass ~ I really love the effects of this glass.
And the last one is a simple "not so little one" with a touch of engraving and three sparkly bubbles.
As always, any of the pendants with the glue on bails can have them taken off to be used as cabochons.

It's very strange not to be racing around like a headless chook trying to get everything done as per my usual Saturday ~ I hope everyone else is cruising along too and not getting too stressed out by the Christmas crazy's!!

Later 'gator ~ now I'm off to cook dinner.


BeadsForever said...

I truly LOVE your work!

lynette said...

Thanks heaps Linda :^)