Saturday, October 02, 2010


Here are the six pendants I have finishing at auction tomorrow morning.
I've just realised that in some of our southern states, they will finish an hour later than previously. Daylight savings is back ~ I think in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning (?)

The first one is a dimensional flower. Styled along the lines of my 'pick up stix' pendants. The dichroic glass in this is SUPER sparkly!!
Next, one of my little engraved 'star flowers'. A little bit of a different background design this time ~ I have more ideas for these too ~ the possibilities are endless :^)

This next one so reminds me of a swirly gypsy skirt ~ with a shawl draped to one side. The red in this is awesome!!
Multi layers in fuchsia pink, brilliant aqua and black. Stunning 'for real'.

My flower has been made from fine silver wire, then embedded in the clear glass that covers the slatey blue patterned dichro. Fairly subtle, but a beautiful pendant.
And finally this engraved pendant has a real tropical garden feel with the engraved leaves and the gorgeous colours.

Off to attempt to take some pictures ~ it's a very overcast morning here ~ windy as, and quite dull and dreary. I'm hoping for a few well timed breaks in the clouds :^)
All going well, I'll be back a bit later with a few pictures of what I've been up to this week...

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