Wednesday, September 22, 2010


These are my latest pieces up for auction on eBay at the moment.
I'm really loving and having fun with what I'm playing with at the moment, even if it isn't the most prolific time of my life :^)

This first one is about as close as I'll come to patchwork again!! Pieced together like the Victorian crazy patchwork quilts and 'hand embroidered' with engraving. It's beautiful in real life and has just about every colour imaginable.
This next one is probably my most favourite transparent glass ~ as it catches the light the colours are awesome. On a white background with a touch of hand engraving. The tube bail I have used on this really suits this style of pendant.

A stunning red heart overlaid with a gorgeous gold design.
Another dimensional engraved bubbles pendant, this time in shades of pink and plum ~ very luscious!!

A simple rectangular pendant in a stunning colour combo ~ these colours are sooooooo much better 'for real'!! Add a touch of engraving and it's good to go.
And lastly ~ this is one honkin' big pendant and I just love how this has come together! The dichro has a gorgeous metallic sheen and the colours all just seem to work together perfectly (IMO).

OK ~ that's it for the time being.
As you can see I never got back yesterday with my stock pictures ~ I'm waiting for the sunlight to peep out from behind those rotten rainclouds!! I highly doubt it will be today either ~ fingers are crossed for tomorrow XX XX

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