Saturday, August 21, 2010


These three pendants are all custom ordered pieces.
Each is a variation of my Tree of Life pendant.
The trees are hand crafted in very thin fine silver (99% pure) wire and embedded into the surface of the clear glass which covers the pieced dichroic glass base.
The tube bails on these ones are sterling silver.

These are all I have to share so far this week.

It's not been a happy household here the last few days ~ poor Gary has an abscess under 2 of his back teeth and has been incredibly sick! He says he looks like Quasimodo's taller brother ~ not too far from the truth, that's for sure! Or actually more like a demented chipmunk!!
I have come to the realisation I'd make an absolutely lousy nurse!! Apparently I'm not very gentle ;^) Whoops!!

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