Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here are the six pendants I have listed on eBay this week.
As different as chalk is to cheese ~ I could happily keep and wear all of these!
This very first one looks a bit flat in the pictures, but it is super sparkly and bright in real life. The colours look great together.
The multi~layered aqua one has a heap of depth and lots of different things going on ~ I really love the band of tiny deep teal bubbles with the colours of the art glass I have used here, they just seem to work so well together.

My engraved fan shape one is very dramatic for real ~ the colours seem almost alive!
Another Bouquet pendant ~ this is quite big and really exceeded my expectations. I love everything about this piece, the colours, the flowers ~ but especially the shape.
It's an amazing feeling when you open the kiln door after waiting, waiting, waiting and you are totally besotted with what is in there!!

These next two really did not want to play nice with the camera!
The pinks and purples in the first one are way brighter than the photos show ~ quite stunning actually.
My Zinnia pendant was try two. The first one could have been very nice, but as is the way of dichroic glass and the way it sometimes fires ~ it just didn't quite make it.
In "person" this is an awesome combination of glass. I don't know why the colours kept flaring in the photos ~ this has tons of depth and more contrast in the colours than seen in any of the pictures. It's actually quite green for real!

Off to put the kettle on and wake up the visitors!!

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