Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here are the six pieces I have currently at auction on Ebay this week.

Another "Sparkly Bubbles" pendant on a brilliant orange background. I really love these pendants ~ very Art Nouveau feeling and super sparkly for real.
This engraved shield shaped one was supposed to be a different colour ~ but this is how it fired up. It turned out the prettiest pastel green :^)

When I took this one out the the kiln, the little murrine reminded me of tiny parasols. It has an almost Asian feel to it and I am really happy with how it worked.
The heart is not quite as orange as it looks in all the pictures in my listing ~ the engraved satin sections are more a brick red ~ an absolutely beautiful colour!

This one reminds me of the inlaid gemstone Southwest jewelry for some reason ~ even though the colours are quite different. This is another that would not play nice for the camera :^( The violet is more purple, the red shifts from the colour here to very deep burgundy and the aqua is actually two different colours ~ the outer triangles have a gorgeous silver sheen.
And on to my last one. This is a ripper pendant! Well I think so :^) It was one of those pieces that started life quite differently and morphed into what you see here. It seemed to take forever to engrave ~ just trying to get it to look even was pretty tricky. This was the first of it's kind and is definitely a "once of"!! As it was really too big for a glue on bail, I drilled this piece and then made the bail from Argentium silver. The bail has been antiqued as plain bright silver was way too bright.

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