Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here are this week's pendants for my eBay auctions.
Another week where five out of my six pieces are hand engraved :^)
More bubbles for the first one and in that gorgeous soft pink again.
This next one is soooooo sparkly in real life. I used quite bright colours to start with, but by the time this was finished it became more subdued. It's really pretty.

The greeny silver in an Art Deco inspired design ~ very dramatic for real!
This multi coloured and patterned one is a fantastic combo of colours. Bright and shiny, but again softer shades.

Heart of my Heart I really love! Fantastic colours and a beautiful sheen. Inspired (with permission) by a friend's work in polymer clay. Thank you Dawna!
And lastly ~ almost pick up stix, almost dramatic dimensions. Not quite either, but a bit of both :^) This works really well and the colours are to die for!

OK ~ back to work...
Have a great week!!

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