Saturday, March 27, 2010


These pieces are some of this week's finished pieces.
Not huge amounts ~ it was "one of those weeks"!! You know the kind ~ two steps forward, three back, one sideways and then fall flat on your bum!! LOL.
What is it they say about the best laid plans?? Or maybe Murphy's Law??
Nevertheless I had a good week!! Go figure :^)

A couple full on glossy ones, the rest have been engraved.

The last one here is for a custom order ~ I hope she likes it, it's pretty big :^)

And just thought I'd share a sneak peek with you ~ these (maybe) will be two of my competition pieces.
The first one will have a sterling silver hand made chain and the other still has to have a big sterling tube rivet set in it yet and then "who knows" where it will finish!! School's still out on what I am going to do.... these two babies are definitely NOT for the faint

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