Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's nice when you find surprises :^)
This is probably more like "put away for later" "totally forgotten" and "rediscovered while looking for something else"...

Two of my fantasy flower pendants ~ from one extreme to the other, the one on the right is a tiny little thing ~ perfect for a little girl or for those that are into delicate :^)

A rather nice pendant/earrings set that I "had" forgotten about.
And a pair of earrings ~ same deal!!

Now a few newer pieces :^)
Even though I'm more into silver than gold, I quite like how this first piece turned out.
Trying out some different colour combinations in the second one ~ for real very sparkly.

More aqua bubbles (on purpose) ~ which I love. The next aqua one has a few bubbles (not on purpose) from the glass that I used ~ not that noticeable for real, but I have reduced it by 20% anyway.

And these last two as different as chalk is to cheese, but I am rather fond of both of them.

There is not a great deal new this week ~ I'm trying to get a couple of competition pieces done and I have been having a bit of a battle with neuralgia pain and headaches, so it has been very slow going. Hanging out for a great week next week!!!

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