Saturday, February 13, 2010


That's how I feel about the last week or so!!
What happened?? First of all ~ orders to be done and we're talking major stuff ups ~ wrong glass, slipping with engraving (not saveable) ~ in general not great for my piece of mind.
My psoriasis has flared up bigtime and the skin is coming off my feet in sheets ~ ouch :^(
Next ~ the phone stuffs up, but that's OK most of numbers are stored in the other phone :^) Just a matter of getting new wall phone ~ too easy.

So then I'm merrily working away on this thing, and I notice a VERY funny burning smell, a tiny plume of smoke and pfffft!! ~ everything goes black.
Well, what on earth was that?? Ummm ~ one totally fried computer.
I so did not want to have to get a new one ~ there goes my next glass order ~ bugger!!
OK, my wonderful computer guys to the rescue ~ they managed to salvage a lot of what was on my hard drive EXCEPT all the software I had put there myself. No biggie you say??
The photo editing program I have used for the last 5 years is now no longer there. The disc it came from ~ lost somewhere when we moved. AND it is no longer available to download from their site. I found a shareware version but that only has a 14 day trial ~ poop!! I may be able to buy it from England ~ just waiting to hear back from the seller.
Also gone are all my bookmarks, passwords and my address book.
Oh, and I have no email either!! I tried reconfiguring it ~ nup that's not happening either.... So please if you email me on a regular basis ~ please send me an email to my gmail address (it's in my profile on the right hand side) as I will have to start a new address book there! Thank goodness for Google!!
OK ~ the new computer arrives here last night and it's going like a rocket ~ BRILLIANT!!!
I get up this morning, turn it on and the bloody mouse has frozen. WTF???? OK ~ reboot computer to see if that'll fix it ~ what do you think? Of course not !! That's died too. So what did I do?? Not much, just sat here and cried like a little girl.
Gary thinks I've totally lost it and I'm nuts!! Probably :^)
Flash of brilliance from "himself" seeing nothing is open at 5.30 in the morning ~ our next door neighbours (whose computer has come in very handy in the recent past) actually work on a Saturday and Sunday, so off he trots and "borrows" their mouse for me :^) He got me a new one on the way home this afternoon :^)
And in between all this happening the "other" phone with the phone numbers still in the memory, damn well died too!!! I don't think I took out a Chinaman in a past life ~ more like the whole Imperial Army!!!! LOL...
The one thing I am going to do is get myself an address book and put all relevant email addys, passwords etc in it....Heaven forbid this should happen again, but at least if it does I won't go so spare next time!!! LOL

Not heaps of pictures this week ~ maybe next week will be a ripper one!!

This is one of the pieces the glass was so totally the wrong colour ~ sorry S.B. (I hope you are reading my blog ~ if you are can you please email me at silvermoonlyn @ gmail .com) This is the same colour sparkly one in my blueberry piece from last week ~ well, it's supposed to be!! Soooo different it's not funny :^(
The earrings are an order and a preview of more to come ~ at least those worked out the way they were supposed to!!

OK ~ off to have a G&T, then it'll be uploading pictures for tomorrow's auctions......CYA..

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