Saturday, January 30, 2010


What a week ~ major stupid internet provider issues (still not resolved!!), stinking hot, a public holiday, visitors and Gary home for most of it!! Don't get me wrong ~ I really DO like him, it's just when he is home during the week he is a major distraction!! I have to keep going to look at stupid things on his computer ~ as if I really care about classic car auctions in the United States...LOL..
I didn't feel as if I'd had a very productive week, still don't really ~ these are some of what I did manage to get done :^) I'm hoping for a week less hectic next week ~ I have tons of great ideas I want to try out..PLUS earrings for orders to get done!!

Some new engraved dimensional pieces ~ one pretty ornate, the other three quite simple..

Dragonfly pendants ~ as different as chalk is to cheese ~ I love the way the new glass on the right looks!!

2 spicks and specks pendants..those of you that know me ~ know I don't love "messy", but for some reason I really like these :^)

Playing with ideas for slide pendants. These both come with the plated steel chains.
2 of the CZ's in the white one are actually a very pale lavender colour. The white gold doesn't look as grey in real life....

A couple more "petite" pendants. I'm very happy with how both of these worked and will do more on a grander scale..

These last 2 are a gorgeous colour, but we had "kiln issues" and they're not quite as I would like them. I have reduced these by 25% from what they would normally be ~ just in case anyone is interested :^)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn, I absolutely love the slider with the CZ!! Well done!! :-)

lynette said...

Thank you (??) :^)