Sunday, January 10, 2010


I came across this the other day on a site from Canada called Glass Campus and I think it is VERY well written and definitely food for thought!! So I thought I would share it here :^)

Copyright Protection
Worrying about protecting your designs is mostly a waste of time. Creating art is like sports. What you did before isn't nearly as important as what you can do next. It's hard to live off your past performances.
For any artist that is trying to get their work into a quality gallery or to be handled by a good professional sales agent, the MOST important consideration in getting accepted is expected future productivity.
The important consideration is whether the artist is driven to constantly innovate or is the artist more likely to want to live on the residuals of a small few designs?
A good artist can create a few original ideas.
A great artist spews them out like water from a running faucet.
Some complain constantly about how hard it is to come up with new ideas and spend most of their time examining the work of others to find ideas to "borrow". Others complain about how impossible it is to find time to implement other then a miniscule fraction of the ideas pouring from their ever creative minds.
The ones that can only originate a limited few designs are ever protective of their small collection.
The ones that innovate constantly couldn't care less who copies them.
The people that buy the work will respect the artists that want to protect their work - but they'll buy the work of the artists that are more concerned about creating the future then protecting the past.


jaslyncara said...

Brilliant Lyn and very true... think of all the 'greats' who have been copied over the years... Kandinski, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh... & of course ONE of your favourites - Gustav Klimt! :)

LOL - you need to live forever Lyn to produce all the ideas you have... and I for one always look forward to the manifestation of your newest 'piece de resistance'.

Anonymous said...

Bravo - Glass Campus!
Truer words could not be written.
It was said, that when someone copied anothers work, it was like a form of flattery. In retrospect,I now see its due to limited imagination and not being able to think for ones self. I guess, in the future, if we are to feel anything for these individuals, it should actually be Pity, for what is life without our OWN imagination. BORING!
Keep up the wonderful work Lyn, and remember, your imagination is actually helping make someone elses life a little less boring. Even if it is at your expense.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Anonymous (sorry for my lack of originality LOL) I Couldn't have said it better myself.
Further to your comments, maybe we need to show these indivduals some kind of encouragement, to try and help make their life a little less boring. Reading always expands the mind, so that's an option. Or maybe these people should take up some kind of sporting activity.
Anyway Lyn, can't wait to see what 2010 brings. I'm sure it will be your best year yet.
Keep up the great work. AJ Melb