Thursday, December 03, 2009



Now did that get your attention?? :^)

A very short time ago my feedback score on eBay hit 1000, and I graduated from a purple star to a red star.
I can remember when I first started there ~ which is nearly two and half years ago now ~ I was so excited to have reached 100.
Well, in honour of THIS milestone and to thank you for helping me on this amazing and fun journey ~ what I am doing is giving one lucky reader the chance to win their choice of either of these two pendants.
All you have to do is leave your name here on my blog and tell me which of these pendants you would like to have.
If you don't sign in with a google account please leave your comment and then email me at silvermoonlyn @ gmail (remove the spaces) to let me know your email address.
Exactly one week from now I will draw a number using and that person will have their choice of pendant posted totally free of charge to anywhere in the world.
Good luck & THANK YOU for all your support, I really do appreciate it :^) cheers ~ Lyn....

* just to let you know ~ comments are on moderation to avoid spammers, but all legitimate comments will be published and only one per person please :^)
*to leave a comment ~ just click on the comments button, scroll down to the "leave a comment" box, there is a little drop down box that gives you sign in options. If you don't have a google account ~ just tick anonymous and then leave your name for me after your comment :^)


jaslyncara said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! ...on graduating from purple to red star :)

My Reply: My name is Jaslyn and if my number should be drawn I would choose the Black & Silver Moon Pendant (I think it's totally out-of-this-world fantastic!! Love the Zen-Tangles look & crystal)

Anonymous said...

Lynn both are so lovely, the green one calls my name. I am so glad I found you. Sue s

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! over the past year or so i have been enjoying many of your pendents and so has my friend and family. your artworks have been making me a very happy lady and i display them not only around my neck but on show in my house for everyone to see and to top it all off you are a lovely person aswell which make it a whole lot better
Keep up the good work
Luv Ya
Kym Pradera
p.s Green with gold if my fav love that glass

Anonymous said...

Love the black and silver moon pendant, Lyn! Am so looking forward to my special orders for Xmas; it's always such a pleasure "working" with you! Jenni in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Your work is just fabulous Lyn, both you have here grab me but if I am to choose, I'll go for the elegatly shaped translucent marine colours with your gold detail You're a wizard!
Sue and Geoffrey

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on achieving that wonderful feedback score, Lyn!! Richly deserved. I so love all of your wonderful pieces. I've just worked out how to post a comment!
I love the green pendant. That would be my choice, but the other one is great too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn, congratulations on your success! I simply love your work! I love the silver & black pendant! Please continue creating for all of us! Terri from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyn, WOW!!! Congrats on your new colour star - on to my favoutite colour of red now - ha ha ha!!! You deserve all your wonderful feedback. You create the most amazing works of art!!!! If I was lucky enough to win I would love the silver and black - ciao Chele

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lyn on reaching 1000 feedbacks and a red star. Your pendants are absolutely lovely, and I should know, because I've got a few!! :-) Please enter me into the comp to win the green pendant. Fingers crossed!! Cheers, Naomi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn, Congratulations on reaching your new star - your jewellery is just drop dead gorgeous - alway get lots of comments whenever I wear one of your pendants. I would like to win the black & silver one.
Keep up the good work.
Regards Deb

Bronwyn said...

HI Lyn
It only took me two days to work out how to leave a comment!
I really like the green one but am always happy with ALL your work, so would happily accept ANYTHING for free.
Congratulations on graduating to the next level, but will you still talk to those of us so much lower than yourself??

Liza said...

Hi Lyn, congratulations! Absolutely adore your work, you can tell each piece is created with vision and love! :)Looking forward to receiving next pieces, will make fab chrissy presents and i'm sure will help spread the word on your little gems! Should i be so lucky, love the lunar piece! Keep up the fantastic work :) thanks!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cogratulation Lyn! Is it any surprise you've reached 1000. Your work is amazing and your eye for detail is unbelievable. Best of all, we know when we buy a Silvermoonlyn piece, we are getting a true original. Some might claim "Exceptional Quality, but yours actually is. As far as I'm concerned you are the ONLY dichroic artist on ebay. Keep up the GREAT work! oh, and you make it really hard, but I loooove the green one. JB Melb

Ella said...

I LOVE your work (as my bulging containers attest lol). It is such a delight when I receive your new pieces---your workmanship is amazing and you have a wonderful eye for color & design. I wear a uniform to work and the shot of color, beauty and individuality that your pieces impart really brightens my day!!
Both your pieces are beautiful but the green would have to be my #1 pick. All the best to you & thanks, Grace

CC said...

Hi Lyn,

Love the black & silver if I'm lucky enough to be the winner.

Kylie :)

Cheryl said...

Beautiful always! Love the moon! Best wishes from Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Yes I would like a surprise, either would be just fine .... :) Cate b

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your milestone!!

Both are gorgeous but the green calls my name.

Ita from California

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

I agree with many of the comments posted.
We (your devoted followers)are not amazed that you have got to your red star :)
Your pieces are truely a testimont to who you are as a person and artist! We are all lucky that your are a person that thinks and cares about ALL the products you make, they are made with love, care and attention to detail and dare I say a little of you :)
I however espically love the fact that you answer ANY question and achive special results for that "special request" (I know this, along with many happy family members that have received my gifts of your creations in NZ!)
I continue as one of your many devoted followers.
I love the black and silver piece Lyn, once again a TRUE ORIGINAL - but it was a close choice....


Nancy said...

Hello Lyn,
First you deserve your great feedback score. I have made a number of purchases and you are an excellent eBay seller. I love your work because you are an amazing artist. Thank you for holding this fun drawing. The pendant I would absolutely love to win is the black and white masterpiece. It is a truly awesome piece. One thing is for sure...I will definitely keep my fingers crossed!
Nancy in New York

Anonymous said...

Lyn, just when I think you can't possibly 'top that' each time you come out with yet another new design,.... you always do!!

Dichro jewelry has changed so much on ebay since you have been listing and your influence is obvious. VERY VERY..obvious! So obvious in fact,..all bets are now off *snif*,.. was fun while it lasted,.lol and now we just wait,. we watch(just a day or two is all it takes sometimes)and we just shake our heads. Sometimes I roll my eyes back so far into my head they bleed,. but hey,.. LOL

Congrats on reaching 1000...very well deserved too!!!

Oh and green... no suprises there.


Anonymous said...

I would love to win the green one at the top. Such luscious colors. Thanks for entering me in the drawing. Sharon Wagoner

lynette said...

Thanks Sharon for the nice comments, but you missed out I'm afraid..this was year before last.

Chris Pellow Designs said...

Hi Lyn, first of all massive congratulations on being such a succesful artist! Your pieces, the colours, the designs never fail to amaze me!!
Would have commented without the contest too but since you asked... the green one is my favourite right now! The design takes me to another place, an exotic one where dreams come true :)

Up to the next 1000!!!

carrie chagri said...

Well done, hope I'm not too late to enter
I love both so either would be lovely! Xxx

lyn said...

Thank you Chris and Carrie for the lovely comments :^) Unfortunately you are both just a squidgy bit late for the competition. It was just over 2 years ago.