Monday, December 28, 2009


Before Christmas I bought myself a Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp.
I absolutely love it ...except for one small problem.
Where we live ~ right by the sea ~ at this time of year the humidity is constantly in the high 80's ~ 90's.
Well, I don't like that very much (it's revolting) and guess what?? Neither does the lamp!!!
I feel like I'm melting and so does it!!
Unless I keep it on 24/7, which I am not inclined to do ~ there is a puddle where the salt in combination with the humidity has liquified.
2 weeks ago it was fine ~ nowhere near as hot or humid!
So if any one who lives anywhere other than the Queensland coast would like it ~ it's yours, if you will pay the postage. It weighs nearly 3.5kg and as far as I can work out ~ the postage would be somewhere between $15 & $20.
Please email me at if you are interested.

and a note from a friend who is in the know ~
this salt lamp is the one for good fortune and prosperity - the rocks are supposed to attract money and should be placed at the entrance/front door... thanks M.H.

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