Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've finally finished my photo editing for the day :^)
Here are some more of my pendants that are available now.
You will notice some of these have different bails to the usual ones ~ I am trialling them for a friend that will soon have them for sale for other jewellery artists too.
I'm quite liking these ~ especially the larger plain ones ~ it will mean for some of my bigger heavier pendants one bail will be enough for it to be secure. And the other bonus is they are totally nickel free which means a lot more people should be able to wear them. They are gold and silver plated over a copper base. I think I'll have to send something down to my SIL in Melbourne and see if she is brave enough to be a crash test dummy/ guinea pig for me :^) * I mean that in the nicest possible way KM!!!!
I'll be away from the computer for the next couple of hours ~ I've just taken some U~beaut pain killers and need to try and stop this mega headache I can feel coming on. They better work ~ I still have my eBay listings to do tonight!!!

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