Saturday, October 17, 2009


Not a hugely prolific week from me this week ~ whatever sort of virus thingy Gary and I had, came back :^( I have spent the better part of the week asleep ~ the kiln has had a bit of a repite too! Then to top it all off we've had bushfires here (about 5kms up the road) and the smoke has just been horrific!! The sun when it rose this morning and yesterday was the weirdest almost fluorescent orange ~ something to do with all the smoke I think (??)

So here we have them ~ mostly dimensional pieces, with a few engraved and a couple of multi~layered ones with white gold hand painting.

And only one set this week ~ but the colour of this glass is amazing ~ it is a gorgeous shaded glass that runs from soft sparkly teal through to the pink but when you look at it from the side it is almost all lavender/pink.

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