Monday, September 21, 2009


Yes, I know ~ it's only Monday morning. What on earth is she doing??? LOL!!
I'm busy packing orders to go to the post office and thought I'd have a "time out" and do something else constructive ~ for a change!!
So, no last minute ~ WHOOPS I forgot to put my pictures up ~ here they be :^)

It's really quite funny, not too long ago if you asked me what my least favourite colours in the world were ~ I would always have said orange, followed closely by yellow. Well, I think I'm changing my mind!!
They're still not colours I can personally wear and NOT look like I'm ready to go 6ft under ~ but having said that I'm finding more and more I really like using them for different pieces.
My "abstract sun" this week is a perfect example of what I mean ~ I REALLY, REALLY LOVE this piece and am over the moon with how it came together ~ even if it is mostly orange and yellow!! A blue and purple sun wouldn't really look like a sun now would it?? But then again it could look pretty interesting...hhmmmmmm might have to have a bit more of a play with this design!!!
OK ~ off to hit the shower then more packing and after that it will be head down, bum up and go like the clappers ~ I have HEAPS I would like to get done this week!!!! We'll see...LOL!!!

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