Friday, August 28, 2009


This week saw me having serious withdrawal symptoms from my engraving due to an equipment glitch!! I have a friend who has been known to call herself "miss cranky pants" ~ believe me when I tell you she has absolutely NOTHING on how I've been ..LOL.
Anyway thank goodness that's now all sorted and I can engrave again ~ YAY!!!
In the meantime I was having a bit of a play with some clear and coloured glass and of course dichro :^) These pieces will go to eBay ~ I think I'll start up my "under $10" section again ~ just pendants, no necklaces. These aren't the greatest photos in the world ~ clear glass doesn't play well with the camera!!

And just a little note ~ If you are on the lookout for any lapidary equipment or even odds and ends for silversmithing and jewellery making and want great prices and fantastic service I can totally recommend GEMCUTS.
They are also one of the few places around that don't rip you off big time with postage either!
How can anyone (not Gemcuts, someone else) possibly justify over $6.00 to post 10 piddling little 1" pieces of brass filigree?? Even if they put them in a padded post bag it would still only cost them $2.50 at the most... GGGRRRR...needless to say I'll be looking elsewhere...

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